State Innovations

States are a seedbed for water innovation and can play a central role in helping the water sector recover stronger.

Through the Recovering Stronger initiative, the US Water Alliance will collaborate with regional partners to host listening sessions that explore innovative state policy approaches. The insights will be synthesized into a state policy agenda for recovering stronger, with the goal of spreading promising policies across states. 
Download the PDF of the State Innovations Project Description here.
Project Components:
  • Convene Six Regional Listening Sessions. The US Water Alliance will bring together state policymakers and One Water stakeholders for listening sessions in six regions. These sessions will shape and frame the state recovery opportunities in the water sector as well as gather ideas and examples about how states are planning for recovery.
  1. West Region: Respond, Recover, and Reimagine
  2. Stay tuned for our upcoming Mountain & Southwest, Midwest, South, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast state listening sessions!
  • Synthesize Insights in a State Blueprint. To share the good ideas surfaced during the listening sessions, identify the gaps in existing policy on economic recovery, and promote how new policies can bolster the water sector, this blueprint will outline how states can do their part for a renewed local-state-federal partnership for water.