The US Water Alliance advances policies and programs that build a sustainable water future for all.

At the US Water Alliance, we believe that all water has value. It must be managed in a sustainable and inclusive manner to build strong economies, vibrant communities, and healthy environments.

We are driving a One Water movement—an approach to water stewardship that is innovative, inclusive, and integrated. As a member-supported national nonprofit organization, the Alliance educates the nation about the true value of water and proactively advances policies and programs that manage water resources to advance a better quality of life for everyone.

Stronger together, that is how we work. The Alliance brings together diverse interests to identify and advance common-ground, practical, and achievable solutions to solve our nation’s most pressing water challenges. Our membership includes water providers, public officials, business leaders, environmental organizations, community leaders, policy organizations, researchers—all who are committed to working together to secure a sustainable water future.

Through a program of national dialogues, collaborative platforms for knowledge building and peer exchange, the development of forward-looking and inclusive water policies and programs, public education, and coalition building, we are driving a national movement to ensure that clean, reliable water is available for all, now and in the future.

One water, one future.